Jamie Johnson

Casting Lots - Study Questions

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  1. What does it mean that God is sovereign?
  2. Why do horrible things happen? Whose fault is it?
  3. Read Joshua 18:1-10. What phrase is present 3 times when casting lots is mentioned?
  4. Do you lay your decisions before God?
  5. Read Acts 1:21-26. Why did the disciples cast lots?
  6. What did the disciples do before they casted lots? Why?
  7. What implication does this have for our decisions?
  8. Read Romans 9:21-24. What do these verses tell us about God's sovereignty?
  9. Since God is sovereign, what should be our response?
  10. Read Matthew 27:35 and Psalm 22:16-18. How do these verses point to God's sovereignty?
  11. The Roman soldiers casted lots for Jesus' clothes. What are you doing with His clothes? Are you clothed with Christ?
  12. What are some examples where God has brought good out of a horrible event?
  13. Are you trusting in our sovereign God?
  14. Do you know Him in Christ?