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<!--#config timefmt="%m/%d/%Y"--> is used to determine the date format below:

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See the table below for more format options:

Code Description
%a abbreviated weekday name
%A full weekday name
%b abbreviated month name
%B full month name
%c locale's appropriate date and time
%C default date and time format
%d day of month - 01 to 31
%D date as %m/%d/%y
%e day of month - 1 to 31
%h abbreviated month name (alias for %b)
%H hour - 00 to 23
%I hour - 01 to 12
%j day of year - 001 to 366
%m month of year - 01 to 12
%M minute - 00 to 59
%n insert a newline character
%p string containing AM or PM
%r time as %I:%M:%S %p
%R time as %H:%M
%S second - 00 to 61
%t insert a tab character
%T time as %H:%M:%S
%U week number of year - 00 to 53
%w day of week - Sunday=0
%W week number of year - 00 to 53
%x Country-specific date format
%X Country-specific time format
%y 2 digit year - YY
%Y 4 digit year - YYYY
%Z timezone name