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Welcome to the Ichthus Library on the Beacon Deacon Web Site.

This library began development in the early 1990s even before it made it to the Internet. Much has been added since that time, and much has changed. In this library, there are many works, written by multiple individuals about multiple issues. Some of them are written by me (Jamie "the Beacon Deacon" Johnson). However, there is even variation in these as I have grown spiritually over the years. For example, although growing up with Arminian influence, I have come to appreciate Calvin's teachings and believe in God's sovereignty. So, some of the works are like milk. Some of them are like meat. Some of them I would change the wording to, though some of the central messages may be the same. Enjoy these resources, but ultimately rely on the timeless, unchanging Word of God for the TRUTH and your ultimate insight.

-- Jamie "The Beacon Deacon" Johnson


This site gets its name from the following Greek anagram:


Iota, Chi, Theta, Upsilon, and Sigma.
Here is what these letters mean:

ΙΧ    Ιησους Χριστος = Iesous Christos = Jesus Christ

ΘΥ    Θεου Υιος = Theou Yios = Son of God

Σ    Σωτηρ = Soter = Savior

The Greek anagram is often seen in a simple fish symbol and the anagram itself means fish in the Greek.

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The Library

The library itself is simply a directory structure that you can follow. If you are in a one of the directories below and click parent directory then that will bring you back to this page.

Here are the library sections:

Computer Stuff
Cross and Resurrection
End Times
History, Science, and Evidence
Literary Collection
Love and Relationships
Messianic Prophecy
The New Age (neopaganism)
Personal Favorites, Works and/or Insights

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