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Interesting Sites

This page serves as a switchboard of sites of various interests -- games, genealogy, history, amusement, and entertainment.


AIIA Institute - Searching for answers to questions (A curiously Christian webcomic)
All Mixed Up --
Free Games Online!
Bible Hub: Bible Study Tools
Creationism & Intelligent Design Debunked: Apologetics
Howz Yer Teeth?!
(A SISTER SITE: fun, games, kid's stuff, Star Wars, Batman, Transformers)
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: Home Page
The Family Tree of James Arthur Johnson (me)
Fibonacci and Phi Free Translations
Gotta love the 80s! Visit the 80s Server! The History Channel
Hymnary - Hymns, Hymnals, Composers, Authors Jamie's Sci-Fi
Jamie's Quick Links Kata Biblon: According to the Book
Medieval Names Archive More About the Beacon Deacon
Narnia Retro Junk: Hey I remember that! Snopes: Urban Legends Reference Pages
Society for Creative Anachronism
Pre-17th Century European History
Spiral of Life -- Lynn Marzulli
Star Wars Star Wars Draggable Images
Tim Challies - blogger, author, and book reviewer Y-Jesus: Who is the real Jesus?

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