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Helpful Links

This page serves as a switchboard of helpful web sites related to searching, computers, resources, and web design.
Much of it is a throwback to the 1990s.


Alta Vista... AnyWho: Directory -- phone, address, etc.
Ask Jeeves - The Bare Bones Guide to HTML - Free online calculators
CAUCE -- Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail -- FIGHT SPAM! Christian Computing Magazine
Christian Resources on the Internet by ICLnet
eBay - Your personal trading community Excite!
FASTWeb -- Financial Aid Search Through the Web Flores Translations -- Spanish/English Translations Go2Net Personal
Good Calculators Google
H45 Technology's Home Page Holy Bible Links Page
Hotbot HotSheet
HTML for Beginners InfoSpace
Jamie's Quick Links Lycos search...
Map Quest MapsOnUs
Merriam-Webster Dictionary MetaCrawler
Microsoft MapPoint (former Vicinity) Microsoft Small Business Center
Ministries on the Beacon Deacon Web Site -- Christian Sites and More! MyMoney.Gov - Tools
Nerd World
Netscape The Online Resource . . . For Dummies
Opentext PC World Magazine
People Searching RefDesk.Com -- The Best Source For Facts on the Net
Stuff To Do
Switchboard The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software (TUCOWS)
Web of On-line Dictionaries (160 languages) Webcrawler Web search...
YAHOO! Web search... Yahoo! people search...

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