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Water Mill

"The Water Mill"

by Jeff Fisher
7 November 2017
Posted with permission from the author.

Rising early before the break of day,
Feeling gratitude for the new breath of life granted me;
I thanked the Lord as I began to pray,
He impressed my mind with a picture to see.

It was an old water mill turning slow,
“You are the wheel”, he told me then,
“I, my Spirit and the Word, are the water you see flow.”
“Without me, you do not spin.”

Then he continued to explain the features;
“The axle is my foundation in you;
The paddles are your experiences and teachers;
The side wheels are your character made new.

From the axle you make good work ready
The paddles direct you through the day
The wheels keep you strong, firm and steady
As the stream pushes you along the way.”

“But Lord?” I questioned in appeal.
“Why is the stream so weak,
Not strong enough to push my wheel;
My work dips far below its peak?”

“Because the beavers have dammed the river”
“With what?” I dared to ask.
“The dam is sin!” I heard amidst my shiver.
“And the the beavers are demons at task.”

“When the stream is blocked,
Your paddles get dry
Your wheel is docked
And the harvest time goes by.”

“O Lord!” I said as if dumb,
“Let it rain and wash that dam away!
Let your cleansing stream come
And set me to work today!”

“I will my child; Come nigh.
Listen! The rain is falling my son!
Look to the East and see the flood piled high
Oil your Axle my little one.

You will turn again!

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